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Because we're always crazy busy, I'm always looking for things to make my life easier. That's where the compilation comes in. I scour the internet (especially Pinterest) and find things to not only entertain my kids, but also cut down on my cleaning time, my cooking time and last but not least, (if it ever happens), my work out time. Basically anything to make my life easier and more fun.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hubby's Favorite Birthday Cake

Tuesday was my husband's birthday.  To celebrate, I made him his favorite cake: White Cake with Whipped Cream Icing and Strawberry Filling.  As you  know, I like to keep things simple, so I found a few cheats to making this fancy sounding cake.  This year I discovered the new Cool Whip Frosting.  It was very tasty, I highly recommend it to those of you who like whipped cream icing, but don't like having to prepare it.  Here's how I made the cake:

1 box Duncan Hines White Cake Mix
3 Eggs
1 c. Water
1/4 c. Vegetable Oil
1 Tub Cool Whip Frosting (I used the vanilla flavor)
1/2 jar of Strawberry Preserves

Prepare cake mix according to package directions.  Pour into two greased 9 inch cake pans.  Bake at 350° for 26-30 minutes.  Let cool.
Once the cakes are cool, arrange bottom layer of cake on whatever you plan on serving it on.  Put a small amount of frosting on the bottom layer (in the middle where the jelly is going to go.)  By putting the frosting on first, the cake won't get soggy.  Next, heat the jar of preserves in the microwave in 15 second increments, stirring between each time.  When the preserves are nice and viscous (warm, but not hot), pour the jelly onto the middle of the cake.  Spread until you make an even layer.  You can make this as thin a layer or as thick a layer as you want.  Pick up the top layer of the cake.  Turn upside down to where the jelly will be touching the cake.  Put a small amount of frosting over it so it won't be soggy. Place the top layer on top of the bottom layer and finish icing cake.

Let set a few minutes before serving.

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